Creality CR-10

A good ol’ printing workhorse

No its not a CR-10s, no its not a CR-10 pro either, its the meat and two veg spec CR. If this were a new car it would be a Mitsubishi Mirage with wind up windows. This was (and still is technically) my first 3d printer and what I used to really get into the 3D printing craze – produced decent prints straight out of the box and plenty of mods and upgrades have been made over the years for improved print quality and to deal with this machines insecurities about not being an ‘S’ or ‘pro’. Having been tinkering with it constantly that humble mirage into a turbo charged, fire breathing, 10 second quarter mile machine… To be honest, have improved it just a tad.

Standard Specs:

Printer technology: 3 Axis Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)/FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
Packing (shipment) type:unassembled packing, mostly preassembled
Construction:Aluminium extrusion, 4020/2020
Build volume:300mm x 300mm x 400mm
Build plate:Glass, heated 12vdc with external MOSFET
Build plate leveling:Manual
Layer resolution:0.1mm to 0.4mm
Filament diameter:1.75mm
Hot endMK8
Nozzle diameter:0.4mm
Nozzle temperature:upto 250°C in normal operations; 270°C max
Extruder:1x MK10 bowden
Connectivity:USB, micro SD card
Display:LCD (70mm x 40mm display)
Power supply:360w
input voltage – 110vac/220vac, 60hz/50hz
Secondary voltage – 12vdc
Control:Melzi board, Creality verion of Marlin (no boot loader); A4988 drivers

Mods and Upgrades:

CR-10 Posts:

CR-10 Mod: Macewen3D MK8 Drive Feed

Part: Frame Braces for Creality CR-10, Tevo Tornado, and Afinibot A31 Designer: Macewen3D Source: MK8 Extruder Aluminium Drive Feed Upgrade Cost: $29 USD Brief Comments: Well thought out and designed, big improvement over stock drive Bang for buck score: 7/10 The Standard MK8 extruder on the CR-10 is fundamentally a pretty simple design. There’s an… Continue reading CR-10 Mod: Macewen3D MK8 Drive Feed